Former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning loves 2023 QB prospect

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Getting the opportunity to work with the top quarterbacks at the college and high school levels is nothing new for former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. The Manning Passing Academy has been thriving for a long time now, and the list of players in the NFL currently who once made an appearance at the MPA is extensive and illustrious. It's a great way for some of the top QBs in the sport to form a connection to arguably the greatest football family in history, and some of the best quarterbacks to play in their respective generations.

Peyton Manning is obviously still very connected to the Denver Broncos but his opinion carries weight in places other than Denver. Certainly, when he gives a glowing endorsement of a young quarterback, it's going to be worth adding to the NFL Draft notes for teams because if that player did something to catch the Sheriff's attention? It's probably noteworthy.

That's why, when Peyton Manning gives a glowing review over a controversial prospect like Kentucky's Will Levis, you tend to take notice.

"I get it. I’m drinking the Kool Aid. I spent some time with this kid. I think he’s a real deal. I think this guy might be genetically engineered to be an NFL quarterback. I can see what the scouts like from him: tough, durable, makes tight throws in tight windows. Saw a couple cool plays where he’s moving away from free rusher and throws his guys open."

Peyton Manning on Will Levis

Will Levis is such a fascinating prospect to study. In an alternate universe, we might be talking about his potential fit with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos, would have the fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft were it not for the Russell Wilson trade. Of course, if the Russell Wilson trade never happened, who knows if the team would have finished with that same record in 2023?

At any rate, the Broncos aren't picking fifth overall, but they might still be impacted by Will Levis' NFL future anyway. Levis is a candidate to go to the Las Vegas Raiders, whether the Raiders stay put at the 7th overall pick or move up. Levis is a prospect who has drawn some scathing reviews for his inconsistency on tape, the fact that he couldn't beat out Sean Clifford at Penn State, and some of his bizarre social media videos.

And when I say bizarre social media videos, I'm talking about his viral videos of eating a (very overripe) banana with the peel still on it, as well as drinking coffee with mayonnaise instead of cream or milk. Of course, Levis was simply doing these things as a gag for social media, but he's a fascinating character nonetheless.

Just looking at him, I'm not sure you could argue there is a player in this draft at the QB position who looks like he takes better care of his body. He's also an extremely unique character in the fact that, prior to initially committing to Penn State (before transferring to Kentucky), Levis was actually offered scholarships to just about every Ivy League school. Ultimately, that may end up meaning nothing, but the more you listen to Will Levis actually talk ball, you can't help but notice how sharp he is and how much he loves the game.

Again, Levis won't be joining the Denver Broncos anytime soon, but it is cool to hear Peyton Manning talk about guys in this way. Manning certainly isn't setting himself up for an "Old Takes Exposed" with his opinions on Levis, but it's clear he likes him a lot. Perhaps that could play into the decision of a team like the Colts, holding the 4th overall pick in this year's draft.

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