Could the Denver Broncos make a splash move before the 2023 NFL Draft?

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The Denver Broncos seem mostly done with their roster movement before the 2023 NFL Draft, but could there be something else in the works? Could George Paton and Sean Payton have something else up their sleeves?

I'm not sure anything more happens before the 2023 NFL Draft, as teams are buckling down and finalizing their draft boards, but Paton during his tenure as General Manager of the Denver Broncos has never shied away from being aggressive.

The Broncos were perhaps the most aggressive team in free agency this year and do have an improved roster because of it. Payton and Paton are clearly trying to put the team in a position to win now, and I don't blame them.

Sean Payton is 60 years old soon and George Paton is likely fighting for his job this year, and there are some players left on the market and potentially available via trade that the Broncos could pursue.

We've seen reports of Denver shopping Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, and they did sign Marquez Callaway, so maybe they're willing to continue remaking their wide receiver room. Signing Odell Beckham, Jr or making a push to acquire DeAndre Hopkins could be in the cards.

Also, could the Broncos make a splash at center? Both Connor McGovern and Ben Jones are free agents and both are above average at what they do. Signing one of them to shore up the offensive line would be a wise investment.

The team also has a need at cornerback, and if they'd consider a short-term fix, perhaps Marcus Peters lands in Denver. The Broncos could use a boost off the defensive edge as well; maybe Yannick Ngakoue is an option.

My point is that the Broncos do have the opportunity and need to make another splash move this offseason before the 2023 NFL Draft. In all likelihood, we'll see the team fill out the rest of their holes through the draft and might want to dabble into the free agency market after that.

I don't think we'll see any sort of headline-type news for the Broncos between now and then, but again, there's an opportunity for them to do so.

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