Colin Cowherd has high praise for the Broncos coach and quarterback duo

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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In a recent segment on "The Herd," Colin Cowherd’s show, he ranked the top quarterback and head coach duos in the NFL. To no one's surprise, Cowherd ranked Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes first. He then followed up with Sean McVay and Mathew Stafford at number two, despite a poor showing last season. At number three, he puts Sean Payton and Russell Wilson, again, despite a tough showing last year for Wilson’s first season in Denver. 

Of course, Sean Payton, the other half that goes into these rankings, was not the coach last season. In the segment, Cowherd calls Payton "brilliant" while also stating that he does not believe Wilson is "washed" in order to back up his ranking. Cowherd has always had high praise for Wilson, even throughout last season, so it isn’t shocking that he still has faith in the nine-time Pro Bowler. Cowherd also has some links to Payton, as he was a recurring guest on The Herd during his year off of coaching. The full rankings went as such:

1 - Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes
2 - Sean McVay & Mathew Stafford
3 - Sean Payton & Russell Wilson
4 - Doug Pederson & Trevor Lawrence 
5 - John Harbaugh & Lamar Jackson
6 - Zac Taylor & Joe Burrow
7 - Nick Sirianni & Jalen Hurts
8 - Sean McDermott & Josh Allen
9 - Mike McCarthy & Dak Prescott
10 - Mike McDaniel & Tua Tagovailoa

The list contains more than a couple of interesting decisions, like Sirianni and Hurts, who went to the Super Bowl, being at seven, or Taylor and Burrow being at six. So, take these rankings with a grain of salt, while also using them to create optimism for what's to come next year. Because, by the end of next season, it's entirely possible that these rankings will hold (slightly) more true.

With Sean Payton looking toward an offensive game plan that looks to focus on running the ball, along with a more refined passing game, a lot of pressure could be taken off of Wilson. On top of that, the Broncos have strengthened their offensive line, which gave up a league-high 63 sacks last season. 

Yes, these rankings seem bizarre, but there should be no surprises if Payton and Wilson are widely considered a top-three coach and quarterback duo this time next year.

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