3 reasons the Broncos will surpass their projected win total in 2023

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The Denver Broncos have all the makings of a team that can make a deep playoff run. Let's cover three reasons why they'll surpass their projected win total for the 2023 season. It's not outrageous to envision the Broncos winning double-digit games this year.

There's a clear argument for them being one of the best teams in the AFC, and even though they've been one of the worst teams in football the last half-decade, 2023 is a different season. With an offensive genius and Hall of Fame head coach at the helm, there's a great chance that Denver enjoys some of the successes that other Sean Payton-coached teams have.

The Broncos are returning the core of one of the NFL's best defenses in 2022, and the team filled the most urgent roster needs in free agency and in the 2023 NFL Draft. With a roster that has no glaring weakness now and a legitimate head coach, let's go over three reasons why the Broncos will surpass their projected win total (8.5).

3 reasons the Broncos will surpass their projected win total in 2023

Sean Payton's teams finished with at least 9 wins in 10 of his 15 seasons as HC

67% of the time, Sean Payton has coached his teams to at least nine wins during his time as a head coach. He's also never won less than seven games in any season. He's got a whopping 10 seasons of at least 9 wins and the other seasons were eight wins and seven wins on four different occasions.

He finished his tenure as the Saints' head coach with five straight winning seasons, winning a total of 58 regular season games in those five seasons. There is a strong reason to believe that the Broncos will come out of the gate on fire, as Payton went 10-6 in his first year as the Saints' head coach back in 2006, instantly turning the team relevant after years of irrelevancy.

He's got a ton of evidence in the long-term past of him winning way more than he's lost. Denver has a 2/3 chance of winning at least nine games in 2023.