Chiefs' QB Patrick Mahomes had a temper tantrum about NFL officiating

This is just insane stuff from Patrick Mahomes

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

In the Kansas City Chiefs Week 14 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes had some harsh words for his displeasure with the officiating in the final minutes of the game. Honestly, it's just absolutely ridiculous to see Mahomes complaining about NFL officiating, as he's benefitted from it for years now.

Let's set the scene for those who are unaware of this latest bit of drama. The Buffalo Bills took a 20-17 lead late in the Week 14 contest. The Kansas City Chiefs were driving down the field obviously hoping for a go-ahead touchdown with little time left. Here's the play that would have put them ahead in the game:

Give credit where credit is due; this is simply, an insane and heads-up play by Travis Kelce. It's outstanding, and a play that an opposing defense simply would not be able to defend. If this happened against the Denver Broncos, our heads would explode. Well, this would have been the go-ahead touchdown, but it didn't count, as Chiefs' WR Kadarius Toney was lined up offsides:

In the top part of this video, you can see Toney's foot is too far ahead and actually lined up offsides. Well, the officials called that a penalty, which brought the touchdown back and ultimately led to the Chiefs turning the ball over on downs, giving the Bills the victory. And then, Patrick Mahomes had a temper tantrum on the sidelines and after the game:

Patrick Mahomes, who has constantly gotten the favorable side of NFL officiating for years, is now losing his mind over this (correct) offsides call on Kadarius Toney. It's ridiculous and immature from Mahomes, who should know better. He's the Golden Boy of the NFL and is already one of the all-time greats, so for him to display this kind of behavior is beyond ridiculous.

I've said ridiculous about 29 times in this article, but that's just what this is. Broncos fans also took to Twitter (or X, whatever) to give their takes on the situation. It does feel like the officiating over the years during the Broncos vs. Chiefs rivarly has been one-sided. Do you all remember this back in 2018?

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This was a clear delay of game on the Chiefs that didn't get called back in a 2018 matchup. The Chiefs went on to win this game, for what it's worth. And this is just one example of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs getting a break from the officials. Well, when the officiating hurts them, you see how they react.