Chiefs brutal schedule to open 2024 season could be huge advantage for the Broncos

Could the Denver Broncos get out to a quick division lead in 2024?
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have two brutal games to open up the 2024 NFL Season, which could give the Denver Broncos a nice advantage. Yes, I am being very optimistic here, but why not? The AFC West teams play the entirety of the AFC North division this year, so it's not like the Broncos won't see the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. The Kansas City Chiefs will open up the 2024 NFL Season against the Ravens.

And then in Week 2, they'll face the Cincinnati Bengals. The NFL has clearly not done the Chiefs many favors with their schedule to open up the 2024 NFL Season. Not only could the Chiefs fall into an early 0-2 hole, but man, it's hard to not wonder what two games the Denver Broncos will have to open up the year. In a recent article, I predicted that the Broncos would open up the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1.

Then, in Week 2, I predicted that the Broncos would face off against the Las Vegas Raiders, who the Broncos have not beaten in years. If I am right, the Broncos playing the Steelers and Raiders in Weeks 1 and 2 is a lot easier than drawing the Ravens and Bengals.

Again, maybe I am being too positive here, but the Broncos can win the division in 2024 until they can't. It's just that simple. The 2024 NFL Schedule is officially released on Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST, but there have obviously been some leaks thus far. My full prediction can be read here, but I could be way off, as I don't have any sources.

Anyway, the two-time defending Super Bowl champions could be the first team in NF history to win three Super Bowls in a row, but to open up their own season, their schedule is very tough, so perhaps the Denver Broncos can take advantage.