Predicting the schedule for the 2024 Denver Broncos, including dates and times

Let's try to predict the FULL schedule for the 2024 Denver Broncos.
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The 2024 NFL Schedule comes out later this week, so soon enough, the Denver Broncos' full slate of games will be known, but for now, let's try to predict it ourselves. This is quite a daunting task, and I could end up being extremely wrong, but it never hurts to try. The Broncos went 8-9 last year after a putrid 1-5 start.

They went 7-4 down the stretch, so for a majority of the season, they were a good football team. If the team avoids a 1-5 start to begin the 2024 season, the Broncos could find themselves playing a playoff game this season, as shocking as that might sound. The Denver Broncos will have nine away games and eight home games this year.

And beyond that, we know who the Broncos will play, but we do not know the dates and times.

So, let's try to predict that!

Denver Broncos 2024 schedule predictions

Week 1: Sunday, September 8th, 8:20pm - Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm going to take a bold move here for Week 1. The Denver Broncos will host the Pittsburgh Steelers at some point during the 2024 NFL Season. In 2022, the team traveled to Seattle to face the Seahawks. This kicked off the Russell Wilson era. Well, in a bit of a flipped script, the Russell Wilson-led Steelers will travel to Denver to face the Broncos.

It'll be a Sunday Night Football matchup for Denver Broncos in their first primetime game of the season.

Week 2: Sunday, September 15th, 4:25pm - Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders

It seems like the Denver Broncos always draw the Las Vegas Raiders in one of the first games of the season. Well, let's slate this first matchup in the Week 2 slot at the normal 4:25pm start time. The Broncos haven't beaten the Raiders for years now, but with them having a disastrous offseason, they look quite vulnerable.

Week 3: Sunday, September 22nd, 4:25pm - Broncos @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Denver Broncos will play nine away games this year. One of their away games is against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their house, Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs were decent in 2023, winning nine games and winning a playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. By no means a great team, Tampa will still present tough competition.

Week 4: Sunday, September 29th, 4:05pm - Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Denver Broncos get to host the Indianapolis Colts during the 2024 NFL Season. The Colts went 9-8 in 2023 with Garder Minshew taking most of the snaps at QB. If Second-year QB Anthony Richardson is legit, the Colts are going to be a handful.