4 candidates to replace Vance Joseph as the defensive coordinator in Denver

Vance Joseph has already done enough to be fired in Denver for a second time. Who should replace him?

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2. Rex Ryan, TV guy

Rex Ryan got a look in the offseason to be the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, but Sean Payton went with Vance Joseph instead. Well, Ryan hasn't coached in the NFL for years, but honestly, Ryan did have some good defenses during his tenure and has some head coaching experience as well between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

Ryan has also been very vocal about the Denver Broncos' defense on TV, where he currently appears.

Honestly, listening to Rex Ryan talk about the Broncos like this makes me think he's almost purposely vouching for himself to be the DC. I mean, if Sean Payton was considering Rex Ryan, which he was, I guess it's not out of the question for Ryan to leave TV for the job if Joseph got fired.

Between being a head coach and a defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan has 12 total years of experience, and a 4-2 playoff record as HC. He wouldn't be a terrible choice to replace Joseph now and in 2024. I think Denver could do a lot worse.