Can Bo Nix pass two former Broncos QBs in an impressive rookie statistic?

It's possible.
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The Denver Broncos have had an extremely impressive run of quarterbacks in their franchise history. Can Bo Nix be the latest one to leave his mark? Both Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson played multiple years for the Denver Broncos. And it's well-documented how successful Manning's tenure was with Denver and how unsuccessful Wilson's tenure was.

Both quarterbacks had to adjust to the NFL, but each passer put up some impressive numbers in their rookie seasons. Now yes, Peyton Manning does still have the rookie record with 28 interceptions during his inaugural season in the NFL back in 1998. Manning surely hopes that some rookie QB eventually throws at least 29.

But both Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson both threw 26 touchdown passes during their rookie seasons, which is tied for the third-most all-time, only behind Baker Mayfield with 27 and Justin Herbert with 31. Mayfield's rookie season was in 2018, and Herbert's was in 2020. With Bo Nix likely being named the Broncos starting QB in his rookie season, is there a chance he can pass two former Broncos QBs in rookie passing touchdowns?

He'd have to hit at least 27 TDs, and with the NFL expanding to a 17-game regular season in 2021, statistical production can increase with it. When you break it down per game, 27 touchdowns is just 1.59 touchdowns per game.

And in 2023, the Broncos had 28 touchdown passes with bottom-10 QB play from Russell Wilson and Jarrett Stidham. Even thinking modestly, could Bo Nix end up as the 17th-best QB in the NFL in 2024? I know that seems like an arbitrary number, but Nix's skillset fits quite well with the offense that Denver likes to run, so it might not be likely that he's statistically a bottom-10 passer.

This could be a huge symbolic accomplishment as well. If Bo Nix could throw for at least 27 touchdowns, it could signal that the Broncos have their guy for the long-term, and it would make for some very interesting QB debate going forward.