Can Bo Nix have the best impact of any rookie quarterback in the 2024 season?

Bleacher Report seems to think so.
Denver Broncos OTA Offseason Workouts
Denver Broncos OTA Offseason Workouts / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos finally embraced the rookie quarterback path with Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft, and Bleacher Report seems to think he can make an immediate difference. It's nice to see that other outlets are being complimentary of the Denver Broncos and Bo Nix. Bleacher Report rolled out a power ranking of the six first-round rookie QBs and their chances to make an immediate impact.

Shockingly, they ranked Bo Nix No. 1 on that list, and while any sort of ranking is subjective, it's nice to see that the rookie QB and the team aren't being bashed all the time, as many people still think that the Denver Broncos overdrafted Bo Nix.

Here is part of their reasoning:

"This year's 12th overall pick also gets to play in a system that fits his skill set. Nix set an FBS record last season with a 77.4 completion percentage. But the bulk of the Ducks offense was built around quick passes, half-field reads and simply playing in a timing attack.

"I think when you look at [the Broncos] offense, when you look at the scheme, [there are] a lot of really fun concepts that I've run in the past, a lot of fun things that I've been able to do and have success in," Nix said after being drafted. "We were able to just talk over those and communicate those."

Finally, Nix will learn from a coach in Sean Payton, who has a vision of what he wants from the position and has experienced significant success.

Maybe Nix isn't the next Drew Brees. It would be unfair to even place those expectations on the incoming quarterback. However, Nix's landing spot is the ideal setup for him to contribute at a relatively high level early in his career, even if he's somewhat limited compared to the other options from this year's rookie class."


They're all valid points, and it is hard to find a rookie QB who could have a bigger immediate impact than Bo Nix, who may have the best overall situation when you consider coaching and personnel. Sure, he's still a rookie, but the NFL has seen rookie QBs play quite well in recent years. Maybe Nix's insane experience in college allows him to get a bit of a head start in the league.

Or maybe he'll be like a lot of rookies who need a year in the NFL. Regardless, it's not hard to see how Nix could have the biggest immediate impact of any first-round rookie quarterback, and it's a great thing to think about for the future of the Denver Broncos.