Broncos UDFAs who could steal a roster spots at training camp

Which Denver Broncos UDFAs could steal a roster spot at camp?
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The Denver Broncos closed out their 2024 NFL Draft class with seven picks and quickly got to work signing undrafted free agents. It might be too early to award roster spots, but some of the team's signings stand out more than others.

One of the great selling points for both the Denver Broncos and head coach Sean Payton is the success rate they each have for undrafted guys. There's a decent chance at least one of the Broncos' undrafted rookies in 2024 is going to eventually make the team, but who?

Let's try to call our shot in late April.

1. Thomas Yassmin, TE, Utah

One of the most interesting prospects the Broncos added after the 2024 NFL Draft is Utah tight end Thomas Yassmin. Yassmin is an Australian-born former rugby player who started off at Utah playing special teams. At 6-foot-5, 246 pounds, Yassmin has an intriguing combination of size, speed, and athletic traits.

He was limited to appearing in just five games this past season due to injury, but that may have worked to Denver's benefit because he had six receiving touchdowns the year prior and was poised for a true breakout campaign. He averaged 23.2 yards per reception in 2022 at Utah and was a big play threat on a limited number of touches.

The issue with a prospect like Yassmin is that he doesn't have a lot of time on task. The upside, however, is tremendous. You just love to see the Broncos take a shot here on a pass-catching option at tight end with upside. Yassmin might be a little too raw to crack the roster immediately, but you never know and the situation is right.