Broncos so-called "rebuild" could be complete as soon as 2025

If the Denver Broncos do it the right way, this team could be complete in 2025.
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Between all the pessimism swirling through Broncos Country, there is an obvious glimmer of hope that this team can cap off their so-called rebuild as soon as 2025. If there is any hope I can give to those who are not high on the Denver Broncos, it's what the Houston Texans are currently doing.

Just two years ago, Houston was a laughing stock, and they approached the 2023 NFL Draft with clear needs. Well, as we all know, teams who get the QB right are the ones that can truly compete. And while Houston did have some nice talent on their roster before the arrival of CJ Stroud, getting Stroud really put this team into a different dimension.

For the Denver Broncos, they could enjoy the same arc; going from an irrelevant, bad football team to a true contender in just two seasons. The 2023 season for Houston was awesome; they scrapped together 10 wins on the backs of a rookie QB and rookie head coach, and even won a playoff game. Tell me why the Denver Broncos can't have the same type of thing happen to them in 2025?

I am not here saying that Denver is about to go 10-7 in 2024 and win a postseason game, and yes I know this is easier said than done, but if the Broncos get the QB right, things get a lot easier.

A lot easier.

Even a good rookie QB like CJ Stroud was able to elevate the entire Texans organization. Whose to say that the Broncos cannot also hit on a rookie QB? What would stop them? Shouldn't we have confidence that an offensive genius like Sean Payton can get the proper QB in the building? Furthermore, while the Broncos roster isn't great, and might not even be good, there is adequate enough talent for the team to be competitive in 2024 with a rookie QB.

The Broncos have a solid offensive line, adequate players at wide receiver, and could have three usable running backs, and this doesn't even count any other rookie that could be added to the equation. And this offseason, the Texans have clearly gone all-in and want to maximize their rookie QB contract with CJ Stroud.

The Broncos could operate the same way in 2025 if their own rookie QB shows enough promise. Not only that, but Denver could find themselves with $100 million in cap space next offseason. While hitting on a QB is one of the hardest things to do in sports, it's not impossible, and the Broncos could be the next team to do that.