Broncos should acquire this "joker" player for Sean Payton to help injury woes

The Denver Broncos should look into this playmaker via trade...
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have been taxed on offense with the injuries they have suffered throughout training camp.

First, it was Tim Patrick when he tore his Achilles after returning from a torn ACL last season. Second, it was Jalen Virgil in the second preseason game, where he caught a 50-yard pass at the end of halftime. He suffered a meniscus injury and will be out for the entire season.

This week, Jerry Jeudy suffered a moderate hamstring injury that is not considered serious. While the Broncos did dodge a bullet with their best offensive player, personnel believe he'll be questionable to play in Week 1.

With the wide receiver group getting the injury bug and the uncertainty of Javonte Williams heading into the year with how he's going to look, it's safe to say that Denver needs to add another playmaker.

Sean Payton mentioned how he loves "joker" type players and how that is significant in his offense. This player consists of being a mismatch on the field in several ways. For example, Alvin Kamara, Taysom Hill, Reggie Bush, and a couple more players he had in New Orleans.

There's a "joker" caliber player who might be on the move from his current team and is worth monitoring.

Atlanta Falcons | Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson has been a unique weapon for all the offenses he has been a part of in his career. He is dynamic in the kicking game, has been utilized as a great receiver, and recently has been phenomenal in the running game.

After drafting Bijan Robinson, Atlanta has decreased the production for Patterson within the offense. A report stated that he is working with every position group fans can think of in this training camp. Patterson can utilize his unique abilities and skillset under Payton, as Denver needs him more for his production than Atlanta.

There's been rumblings of Patterson on the move one way or the other. If the Broncos present the Falcons a trade offer that is worth taking, Atlanta may accept, especially since they will likely move on from him next year.

Patterson can play RB and WR, as he excels in both positions. He was second in receiving yards behind Austin Ekeler in 2021, with 548 yards and five touchdowns. Last season, he was more of an all-around back while playing 13 games. He had the 13th-best offensive grade per PFF at running back despite the emergence of Tyler Allgeier.

Now that the Falcons have Allgeier and Robinson, Patterson's role is a bit unclear, with significantly less playing time. Denver can use someone like him to boost this offense.

Patterson would be an extremely fun player under Payton. He fits the description of a "joker" in his offense. Patterson can play out wide and can give the offense some quality rushes, too.


Patterson, 32, won't take much to trade for. The Falcons will most likely let go of him next year and wouldn't mind something in return if Denver offers a late-round pick now. This offense needs a boost, and what better player can provide that than someone dynamic in both the running and passing game.

George Paton should be on the phone with the Atlanta Falcons to see what it will take for Cordarrelle Patterson to help this offense.

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