Broncos lose another young wide receiver for 2023 season

- Receiver had a huge 50-yard catch in preseason, and got injured, now he is out for the season ...

Jalen Virgil
Jalen Virgil / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Before preseason, the Denver Broncos lost two wide receivers -- Tim Patrick, who suffered a torn Achilles during training camp, and KJ Hamler, who was waived due to a heart condition. Patrick will miss the season for the second consecutive season. In 2022 he missed the season due to a torn ACL, and now 2023 due to a torn Achilles. Hamler cleared waivers and is still unsigned.

Right before halftime during the Denver Broncos' second preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, second-year wideout Jalen Virgil had a huge 50-yard play that almost ended in a touchdown, on a pass from Jarrett Stidham. It looked like the play was a touchdown, but the referee said that he was short.

Following the play, Virgil quickly got up to complain about the referee's decision, but instantly got into the ground. Jalen was carted off the field. He instantly got an MRI, which revealed that his ACL was good, but he had a meniscus injury.

After Virgil got injured, and the MRI results came out, many thought that he would miss just some time, but on Tuesday, the Denver Broncos announced that Virgil was placed on the Injured Reserve List. Putting him in the IR before the 53-man roster deadline means that he cannot return, in other words, he is out for the season.


Jalen Virgil was one of the undrafted free agents Denver signed following the 2022 NFL Draft. He made the 53-man roster after the final cuts. His first NFL reception was a 66-yard touchdown against the Tennessee Titans. Virgil, a speedy wide receiver was in the right direction to make the roster for the second consecutive season, as he was shining during training camp, and had this 50-yard play in preseason week 2.

As Virgil was placed on the Injured Reserve list, the Broncos announced the signing of Josh Hammond, who had 331 receiving yards and one touchdown for the XFL DC Defenders in 2022-23. Hammond appeared in two games for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021.

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