Broncos' Roster: 3 players who could sign big extensions in 2024

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Broncos' Roster: Three players who could sign big extensions next offseason
3. Jerry Jeudy, WR

The Denver Broncos did pick up Jerry Jeudy's fifth-year option, so they may not have to extend him next offseason, but with these massive wide receiver contracts being handed out and Jeudy likely set to hit the 1,000-yard mark in 2023, I could definitely see a situation brew where the Broncos may not want to extend Jeudy quite yet to the displeasure of the WR and his agency.

Could there even be a holdout here if Jeudy is not given a deal? Maybe. Wide receivers do seem to have that "diva" title attached to them more than any other position, and Jerry Jeudy is one of the most talented in the NFL, especially with his route-running.

Jeudy's 2022 season was insanely consistent. He finished the year on a high note and nearly hit the 1,000-yard mark even with bad QB play. He's also just 24 and heading into his fourth season in the NFL, so this is someone who should just be beginning to enter his prime.

With WRs becoming more and more valuable in the NFL, and both Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick's futures in Denver likely being up in the air after 2023, it would make sense to extend Jeudy for the long-term, part with one of Sutton and Patrick, and sort of reset their contract situation at wide receiver.

I do think Jeudy becomes the clear WR1 in the offense and probably tops out at 1,100 yards in 2023.

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