Broncos' Roster: 3 players who could sign big extensions in 2024

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The Denver Broncos have a very solid young core of players, and a few of those players may play their way into long-term contract extensions next offseason. One thing that I have great confidence in for the Broncos going forward is their performance in the NFL Draft.

George Paton has proven to be a strong drafter, and with Sean Payton having a strong draft history, this will bode well for the future. No matter how a team wins a Super Bowl, what is true in every case is the core of their roster being built through the NFL Draft.

The Broncos have a good bit of young talent. Some of them are unproven, but others appear to be playing their way to a nice future in the NFL, hopefully all with Denver. There are three players I am keeping an eye on as candidates for long-term contract extensions in 2024.

Broncos' Roster: Three players who could sign big extensions next offseason
1. Patrick Surtain II, CB

The most obvious choice and perhaps the biggest priority for the Denver Broncos besides winning games in 2023 is ensuring that Patrick Surtain II, the best cornerback in football, is not playing for another team other than the Denver Broncos.

If Surtain was playing for a big-market team like the New York Jets, he'd be seen as the best CB in football, but for some reason, the national NFL landscape seems to think that Ahmad Gardner is the best.

Surtain is entering his age-23 season, and for the first two years of his career, he became so effective, so quickly that teams are simply not throwing his way. He may never lead the league in passes defended or interceptions, but that may not matter.

He's so good in coverage that the field is effectively cut in half as it's usually bad news for opposing offenses throwing toward Surtain. He'll become the highest paid CB in the NFL next offseason and is likely going to be the top priority for the Broncos.