Broncos rookie Bo Nix gets interesting Drew Brees comparison from Sean Payton

How does Bo Nix compare to a young Drew Brees?
Denver Broncos
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Comparing Bo Nix to Drew Brees? Ridiculous. Unfair. Out of bounds. An idea that shouldn't even be entertained.


Apparently, it was a question Sean Payton was willing to entertain at Denver Broncos OTAs. Comparing a Hall of Fame (soon) quarterback to a rookie in the NFL is extremely unfair, but the way the question was worded at the Denver Broncos' media session on the third week of OTAs allowed Payton to give a thoughtful answer instead of shutting it down immediately.

Payton was asked how Bo Nix compares to a "young" Drew Brees. That's an important distinction as we all view Brees now in light of what he's done over the entirety of his outstanding NFL career. But Payton brought him to New Orleans when the Chargers no longer wanted him. Though Brees was three years older than Nix when he came to New Orleans, one of the most obvious comparisons between the two is maturity.

"Their personalities are different. I’d say—all right, we’re looking for similarities. I would say mentally, [QB Bo Nix] wants to know as much and as fast as he can. He’s the son of a coach. [Former Saints QB] Drew [Brees] wasn’t necessarily the son of a coach, but this group of quarterbacks in general are kind of like gym rats. They enjoy the process...

I think there’s maybe a maturity level because again, he’s played 61 games and when [the Saints] got Drew, it was off of his rookie contract and coming off an injury. He locates the ball well and he’s accurate and I think Drew was."

Sean Payton (via Broncos PR)

This should be music to the ears of Denver Broncos fans. What similarities does Sean Payton see in Bo Nix right now that he saw in a young Drew Brees?

Maturity. Desire to get better. Love for the game. Enjoying the process. Locating the ball well as a passer. Accuracy.

How can you not be excited about this guy? And if you don't want to take Sean Payton's word for it, the word out of Broncos OTAs is that Nix has been rather impressive as a passer.

Broncos insider Mike Klis (of 9News in Denver) noted that Nix has stood out with his accuracy on throws over the middle of the field, in particular, and contrasted that ability directly with Russell Wilson, who didn't do that as often.

Ultimately, it's extremely unfair to heap Drew Brees-level expectations on Bo Nix. But Sean Payton knows both guys and if he's seeing these similarities, that's huge news for the Denver Broncos and a fan base that has been longing for the team to find a solution at the quarterback position for so long.