Broncos represented at recent Pro Day could end up being a massive mistake

The Denver Broncos had representation at Cooper DeJean's Pro Day, and if the team has any interest in the prospect, they could be making a huge mistake.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

A good NFL team is built from the inside out, and that obviously comes with getting the franchise quarterback right, but the Broncos' roster-building could take a huge turn for the worst. One of the better defensive prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft is Cooper DeJean, the do-it-all defensive back from Iowa.

In fact, DeJean is arguably the best DB prospect in this year's draft. Well, his Pro Day was earlier this week, and the Broncos sent their DBs coach, Jim Leonhard, to DeJean's workout:

The Denver Broncos potentially drafting Cooper DeJean could be a massive mistake. As of now, it seems like DeJean is going to be drafted in the 20-30 range later this month. The Broncos currently hold the 12th overall pick and could go a number of ways in the 2024 NFL Draft. Well, the huge mistake here is the team simply drafting DeJean if they pass up on more suitable prospects.

The Broncos did invest in their DB room this offseason, re-signing PJ Locke III and signing Brandon Jones. The team also figures to add a cornerback at some point. Well, games in the NFL are won in the trenches, and the Broncos' defensive front is among the worst in football. Adding DeJean to this secondary and potentially passing up on a talented EDGE rusher or DT doesn't make the defense better.

One of the more likely ways that the Broncos could get in range to take Cooper DeJean is by trading back from the 12th overall pick into the 20s, perhaps also landing a second-round pick in return. If Denver does this, they are much better off using that pick on several other positions besides in the secondary.

And if Denver were to trade back and take DeJean, that also decrease their chances of drafting a QB like Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr. No matter how you slice it, the Broncos could be making a massive mistake by eyeing Cooper DeJean during the NFL Draft.