The Broncos can get the ultimate revenge on Russell Wilson during 2024 season

Besides the Broncos potentially beating the Russell Wilson-led Steelers, this added wrinkle could make it much sweeter.
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Quickly signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Russell Wilson didn't hesitate to turn the page on his Broncos tenure, and it's clear Denver wanted to do the same. Russell Wilson's prime was something that only a few other QBs were truly able to do in the history of the NFL. Now, entering his age-36 season, Wilson might not even be a viable starter in the NFL anymore.

The Steelers seem to think that he can be, as they signed him quickly after the Broncos released the veteran QB. With Russell Wilson and Justin Fields in the QB room in Pittsburgh now, Wilson does have a clear shot at starting for them in 2024, as Fields is a bottom-five QB in the NFL. Well, the Steelers and Broncos play each other during the coming season, and that game will take place in Denver.

The atmosphere will be flat-out insane and might be the loudest that Mile High has been, as crazy as that might seem now. Besides the Denver Broncos just beating the Steelers with Russell Wilson under center, the ultimate revenge would be if the Broncos beat the Steelers with a rookie QB. Can you imagine just how much this could benefit Denver?

The dates of the 2024 games have not been released yet, and that could also factor into the revenge factor. But man, it would feel so sweet if the Broncos, led by a rookie QB and Sean Payton, were able to get the best of the veteran-led Steelers with Russell Wilson and Mike Tomlin. Obviously, this assumes that Wilson would even be able to beat out Justin Fields.

And t also assumes that Denver drafts and starts a rookie QB. Since Russell Wilson is still a popular figure, especially within the NFL content world, the national NFL shows would have a field day with the Broncos/Steelers matchup if Denver's rookie QB would beat out Russell Wilson. The days of Wilson's best are over, unfortunately, and perhaps him losing to a rookie QB from his former team would be the final nail in the coffin.