Broncos, Panthers could come together on WR swap at NFL trade deadline

Could we see a WR swap between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers?

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers might be able to swing a trade involving wide receivers that could ultimately not only benefit each team but the players that would be involved in the deal as well. Dating back to the offseason, and even as far as last year's NFL trade deadline, Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy has been the subject of rumors and it feels like things are about to come to a fork in the road for him and his career in Denver.

Even if Jeudy is able to have a couple of big games before the NFL trade deadline, it might only serve to increase his trade value at this point as the vibe seems to be that the Broncos are more than willing to move on from Jeudy, if not motivated to do so.

Although the Broncos have publicly stated they have no desire to trade players away, they've stated that they understand calls for good players will come, and they're answering the phone. The Carolina Panthers have been a little more open about their willingness to move on from former second-round pick Terrace Marshall, a 2021 draft choice out of LSU who has had a disappointing first handful of years in the NFL.

Although Fowler states that Marshall has 104 career catches, that's not the case. He's been targeted 104 times and has 61 catches at the time of this writing, as well as only one touchdown in his career. The 6-foot-2 Marshall has the ability to play inside or outside at the receiver position and has flashed big-play ability, but also hasn't been able to produce consistently. The Panthers' QB issues could be a major reason for that.

Jerry Jeudy can certainly resonate with that. In addition to consistently having issues with the quarterback play being bad in Denver, Jeudy has had to deal with changing offensive systems almost every year of his NFL career thus far. That's not ideal for any player.

For these two clubs, a trade involving both of these players could be a win for all involved. It would give both Jeudy and Marshall a fresh start. The Broncos probably would be able to recoup at least one additional draft pick on top of Marshall in exchange for Jeudy because Jeudy is, by far, the better player at this point.


Both Jeudy and Marshall are under contract for next year, so this kind of a swap would also allow the Broncos to take a shot on a talented guy who could prove himself over the course of the remainder of 2023 as well as the entirety of 2024. Getting as high of a draft pick back for Jerry Jeudy as possible should be the priority, but if the Broncos aren't getting great offers, then taking a shot on a player and a pick like this might be the best route to go.

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