Broncos new uniforms could only mean one thing in 2024 NFL Draft

It's now official that the Denver Broncos will get new uniforms.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Rob Carr/GettyImages

As announced by the team earlier this week, the Denver Broncos unveil new uniforms, and that has to mean one thing for certain in the 2024 NFL Draft, right? A process that begun nearly two years ago, the Broncos will finally get new uniforms, something the fanbase has clamored for for years now.

The team is apparently going to unveil them "sometime in the next weeks" according to team President Damani Leech:

""It's been a great process across the organization between staff and ownership, particularly [Owner] Carrie [Walton Penner], who has really driven this process," Leech said Monday at the NFL Annual Meeting. "[There has been] player involvement and fan involvement. We are really excited to finally move in that direction."

Leech said the Broncos' logo and team colors will remain the same but that the uniform will undergo "a full redesign." Leech also confirmed the uniform will be revealed "sometime in the next weeks."

The Broncos initially teased the news via a short social media video, which featured threads illustrated on the mane of the Broncos' logo and "coming soon" in white letters.

"It's quite a lengthy process," Leech said. "It starts with a lot of surveying your fans, [and then] Nike takes you through sort of a design, vision and process of what's important to you and what are you trying to accomplish. On a scale of one to 10, how much change are you looking for? [It's] a bunch of different things, and then you sort of start iterating from a design standpoint. Then you have to move into production, because is this something that can actually be built?

"I think I came into it thinking, 'Oh, this will be simple. This will be quick and easy.' But once you get into it, you understand production, manufacturing and design takes a while.""

Damani Leech / Aric DiLalla

It's pretty clear that Leech and other members of the Denver Broncos organization have put a ton of time and effort into these uniforms, and I do think it makes the most sense to have them released before the start of the 2024 NFL Draft. And what better way to unveil new uniforms than to then select a potential franchise QB?

It just makes a ton of sense, right? New uniforms, newer ownership, newer head coach, and perhaps best of all, a new quarterback. From a business perspective, it also makes a ton of sense. I do believe that jersey sales would skyrocket to a high degree if the Broncos couple their new uniforms with a high-ranking QB prospect in 2024.

The Broncos would sell a ton of Bo Nix/Broncos uniforms, in my opinion, if he was the selection. Perhaps the Broncos find a way to draft JJ McCarthy? My point here is that from a business and team perspective, new uniforms mean that the team is also going to further cement the new era with a rookie QB entering the building.

From what I have personally seen on social media, many people would prefer the Broncos to go back to their throwback uniforms with the baby blue color and the old school "D" logo as well.

Markus Boggs put together a very appealing Denver Broncos jersey mock-up earlier this year:

Frankly, these designs being the new uniforms would be the best possible scenario, but only time will tell what the Broncos actually did.