Broncos may have a chance to right their wrongs with Dak Prescott in 2025

Right now, it doesn't appear like the Dallas Cowboys will be extending QB Dak Prescott.

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As of now, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is slated to be a free agent in 2025. Could the Denver Broncos right their wrongs and bring him to the Mile High City? It was originally thought that the Cowboys and Prescott would hammer out an extension this offseason, as the QBs cap hit is approaching $60 million for 2024.

Well, two tweets from Ian Rapoport seem to indicate that an extension might not happen and that Prescott could even get the chance to test free agency in 2025. It's well documented that the Broncos had strong interest in Prescott during the 2016 NFL Draft, but his arrest right before the NFL Draft seemed to take him off the Broncos board.

And in 2016, Denver selected Paxton Lynch, a player that the Cowboys actually wanted. Well, since the Broncos "sold their souls" for the Super Bowl 50 victory, Denver ended up with Lynch, Dallas ended up with Prescott, and the rest is history. Right now, though, the QB could end up hitting the open market.

With the Broncos set to have close to $100 million in cap space next offseason, could Denver right their wrongs and get Prescott on the roster?

Prescott would be entering his age-32 season in 2025. He would not be a decade-long solution, but his skillset does fit what Sean Payton likes to run. Prescott is marvelous playing within structure and can make plays with his legs. He's other-wordly pre-snap, which would be another great quality to have for Payton's offenses.

He's started 114 regular season games in Dallas since 2016. The Cowboys have gone 73-41 in those starts, in which Prescott has thrown 202 touchdowns, 74 interceptions, and has earned a very solid passer rating of 99. However, the big knock on Prescott is when the playoffs roll around. In five different playoff seasons, the Cowboys and Prescott have a 2-5 record together. He's thrown 14 touchdowns against 7 interceptions in his playoff career.

Could the Denver Broncos pursue Dak Prescott in 2025 if he were to hit the market? If this were to happen, Denver would have either passed up on a rookie QB in the 2024 NFL Draft or the rookie QB was just a disaster during his time on the field. Maybe this is a plan that Sean Payton has in mind. Maybe Payton all along has wanted to get Dak Prescott on the Denver Broncos; you never know.

Dak Prescott potentially hitting the free agency market in 2025 is certainly something that the Denver Broncos could explore if the shoe fits.