Broncos make shocking decision to cut Albert Okwuegbunam

- Preseason finale MVP gets waived, he will probably get claimed by another team ...

- Denver will officially have a new starting kick and punt returner

Denver Broncos
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Despite a strong training camp and preseason finish, with 4 touchdowns in joint practices, and a big 7-reception, 100+ yards, 1 TD game against the Los Angeles Rams, the Denver Broncos decided to waive former fourth-round pick, tight end Albert Okwuegbunam. Additionally, among the roster cuts made (so far), Denver also waived last season's starting kick and punt returner Montrell Washington.

Okwuegbunam showed that he improved as a blocker, something that he had been missing in the past couple of seasons. He was the 5th tight end on the initial depth chart, behind Adam Trautman, Greg Dulcich, Chris Manhertz, and undrafted rookie Nate Adkins.

According to reports, the Broncos tried to trade Albert, but they could not find a trade partner. Okwuegbunam only had one season with 300+ receiving yards and injuries, along with inconsistency were something that made him drop in the depth chart. Now, he should get a lot of interest from multiple teams, as I do not see him clearing waivers.

As I mentioned before in an article, Okwuegbunam was a surprise cut candidate for me, especially with undrafted free agent Nate Adkins who is an excellent blocker, someone who can play at full-back and special teams too, overall, a more versatile player, that will be cheaper for the Broncos.

In three seasons, Okwuebunam played in 26 games for the Broncos and had the following stats: 54 receptions in 73 targets, 546 yards, and 4 touchdowns. At the end of the day, his strong camp and preseason finish was not enough for Albert O to make the roster.

Now, regarding the other cut, Montrell Washington ... He was the starting kick and punt returner for the Denver Broncos last season. Despite having the 7th-most punt returns, he was 9th in punt return yards, and regarding kick returns, Washington was the 4th-worst among starters with just 340 kick return yards.


Nothing surprising as he had only two receiving yards last season, and had some mistakes as a returner. With the addition of rookie Marvin Mims and former Texans starting kick returner Tremon Smith, Washington had no chance to be the starting returner, and in the receiving game, he was not bringing too much.

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