Broncos, Jaguars, Titans among best 2023 schedule release videos

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The NFL schedule release is an opportunity for teams around the league to do a little flexing in the social media department. There are typically some really creative ways that teams decide to unveil their schedules to fans, and some of these videos end up going viral or getting "memed" throughout the season. The Denver Broncos have done a tremendous job over the last few years with their schedule release video being a parody of the hit TV show The Office and they delivered once again in 2023.

Denver Broncos 2023 schedule release video

This bit by the Denver Broncos' social team is obviously headlined by legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, who makes yet another appearance after debuting a few years ago as an "intern" with the team. The video starts off with Manning saying a classic line from the show to the Broncos' mascot (Miles): "Why are you the way that you are?"

That line was originally said from the character Michael Scott to his bitter office rival Toby Flenderson and was a fantastic callback to one of the greatest shows of all time.

The ultimate cameo in this, however, is actress Angela Kinsey, a Denver Broncos fan in real life who plays the role of Angela on The Office. She reprises the role of Angela in the Broncos' schedule release video and delivers some big-time zingers, including a mic drop-quality line about the Chargers...

There were a number of nuggets in the video that the Broncos' social team nailed. They had an homage to the "Kevin's Chili" cold open with Miles the mascot spilling a giant pot of clam chowder for the Patriots, they had a "That's What She Said" joke, and they included Miles shipping off a rock to the Houston Texans with a note that said, "Suck On This" which was another hilarious homage to the show. They even got the Texans' mascot to open it up.

Fans also really seemed to love the Raiders logo being on the trash can, a good jab at another division rival.

For fans of The Office, this schedule release has to be considered among the best, but what about elsewhere around the league? There were some big winners in the AFC South...