Broncos have interesting connection to former Pro Bowl free agent

Could the Broncos add a former Pro Bowl player?
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Teams around the NFL will soon report for training camp, and there are a number of big-name free agents still lingering on the market. At this point in time, even former Denver Broncos All-Pro safety Justin Simmons remains available to sign. But there is another former Pro Bowl player still sitting in free agency who has an interesting connection to the Denver Broncos coaching staff.

Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow made the Pro Bowl back in the 2021 season as a member of the Las Vegas Raiders when he caught 103 passes for 1,038 yards and a career-high nine touchdowns. It wasn't just his contributions as a receiver that led to his Pro Bowl bid, either. Renfrow had a career-high 303 punt return yards for the Raiders that year as well.

It was nothing short of shocking when Renfrow's productivity spiraled downward over the last two seasons despite the Raiders hiring Josh McDaniels as their head coach. McDaniels has historically had a ton of success with the slot receiver position in his offense, and Renfrow was obviously a big part of his plans on paper. The Raiders signed Renfrow to a two-year deal worth $21 million in guaranteed money back in 2022.

To say they didn't get their money's worth would be an understatement. Renfrow racked up just 585 yards receiving over the last two seasons for the Raiders. He's also struggled some with fumbles in his career, fumbling the ball 12 total times including five times during his 2021 Pro Bowl season.

So what is the connection currently on the Denver Broncos' staff that could come into play as the team looks to tweak its 90-man roster in the coming weeks? That would be John Morton, who is currently the Denver Broncos' pass game coordinator offensively. Back in 2021, Morton was a senior offensive assistant with the Raiders, and he was on the Raiders' staff for the first three years of Renfrow's career overall.

He's undoubtedly very familiar with him.

This note was originally pointed out by Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox, who suggested the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints as potential landing spots for the veteran slot receiver and punt returner.

"The Denver Broncos should also take a look at Renfrow. Denver is looking to develop rookie quarterback Bo Nix and doesn't have a lot of proven pass-catchers after Courtland Sutton.
Denver's passing game coordinator, John Morton, was a senior offensive assistant with the Raiders during Renfrow's Pro Bowl year."

Kristopher Knox, B/R

Would the Denver Broncos actually consider adding another receiver to the mix? There might only be one active roster spot available, but for the right price, Renfrow would be a worthwhile option to add to the mix. The Broncos are breaking in a rookie quarterback this season and Renfrow is someone who has proven an ability to get open quickly from the slot. He could be an interesting late addition to a roster that finally has some solid depth at the receiver position.

Although the history of fumbles might scare some people off, Renfrow could also have added value as a punt return option if the Broncos are inclined to keep Marvin Mims Jr. involved more in the offense and kickoff return game as opposed to throwing him out there for both kickoff and punt returns.

There are likely already five spots occupied at receiver right now with Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, Josh Reynolds, Marvin Mims, and Troy Franklin. Renfrow has a different skill set compared to any of those guys and would add an intriguing dynamic to the group if he was added to the mix. Perhaps we'll see the connection between Renfrow and John Morton come into play at some point in the coming weeks.