Proposed landing spot for Broncos former safety makes way too much sense

This would be great!
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A former Denver Broncos safety in Justin Simmons is still on the free agent market, but this proposed landing spot makes a ton of sense for 2024. The Broncos cutting Simmons to kick off their 2024 offseason was a bit of a shock, and the bigger shock is him still being on the free agent market, even with how deep the FA safety class was.

Perhaps Justin Simmons is just waiting for the perfect chance to land with a top team. Maybe he is continuing to go unsigned in search for the highest contract offer. Whatever the reason may be, he's still on the market, but Bleacher Report seems to think the best landing spot for him is in San Francisco

Here's the full blurb on Justin Simmons to the 49ers, proposed by Matt Holder of Bleacher Report:

"It's kind of surprising that Justin Simmons is still available. The Denver Broncos were up against the cap to begin the offseason so he was let go primarily because of his large contract which won't be an issue at this stage in the game. Also, the eight-year veteran doesn't have a long injury history and was productive last season.

"Simmons earned his second Pro Bowl selection last season and was a second-team All-Pro selection in both 2022 and 2021," B/R's Kristopher Knox wrote. "He finished his 2023 campaign with 70 tackles, a sack, three interceptions and an 89.1 opposing passer rating."

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers are projected to start Talanoa Hufanga and Ji'Ayir Brown at safety. Hufanga is coming off a torn ACL and while Brown played well as a rookie, it couldn't hurt to add another veteran in the mix during training camp to serve as another starting option.

Also, as Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer recently pointed out, Simmons would be a good scheme fit in San Francisco.

"I love the idea of Justin Simmons in either the Vic Fangio–style of defense he's played in for the Broncos since 2019, or in a Seattle Seahawks–type of defense," Breer explained.

"That's why I'd really love to see him as the center fielder in the Niners' defense—which has historically played the Seattle three scheme, and also just brought aboard Brandon Staley (whom Simmons knows well) from the Fangio tree."

According to Over The Cap, San Franciso has about $31.5 million of cap space available, meaning the front office can easily make this pairing happen."

Matt Holder

Beyond all of the great points mentioned here, there is also the obvious Shanahan/Lynch/Broncos connection here. Head coach Kyle Shanahan's father is Mike Shanahan, and GM John Lynch played for the Denver Broncos. The two teams have also done trade business together.

Justin Simmons should also, in my opinion, simply not sign with a team that is not a true Super Bowl contender. He was on the Broncos from 2016-2023, and has played on just one winning team but has appeared in zero playoff games. Simmons is getting up there in age, and may not have a ton of time left as a starting-caliber player in the NFL.

It would be in his best interest, in my view, to sign with a team like the San Francisco 49ers.