Broncos encouraged to make one last move, but it's not what you think it is

Would this be the right move?
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos could make several more moves before the 2024 NFL Season officially begins. If they made one final move, should this one be it? Put yourself in the GM chair for a second. You get to make one final move for the Denver Broncos before the regular season begins.

This includes cutting someone, trading for a player, signing someone, or extending someone. One final move is all yours; what would you pick? If you asked me, I would probably pick swinging a trade for Brandon Aiyuk or CeeDee Lamb.

But if that was not possible, I would advocate for signing iOL, Connor Williams.

However, PFF outlined a completely different move they could make in their article on one final move for each AFC team. They actually call for the Denver Broncos to extend RG Quinn Meinerz:

"The Broncos' offensive line underwent significant changes in 2023, but the key to the improved unit was Quinn Meinerz at left guard. The former third-round pick has molded himself into one of the best guards in the NFL, earning an 83.7 overall grade in 2023 to rank third at the position.

Meinerz is heading into the final year of his four-year rookie contract and will be a free agent in 2025. Finding quality guards in the NFL is a tough task, so when one falls into a team's lap, they should do everything they can to retain them. Locking up Meinerz to a long-term extension should be a priority in Denver."

Thomas Valentine

I don't disagree with this move at all, but for them to call for one final move for the Broncos and make it this is a bit odd, actually. Patrick Surtain II is the better player and should be first in line for a contract extension. The Broncos secondary is also less table than their offensive line.

And more broadly, this is not the final move I'd make, but extending Meinerz does need to be a top priority for the Denver Broncos. With the Broncos having Garett Bolles, Mike McGlinchey, and Ben Powers on big contracts, the team may have to get a bit creative to fit yet another huge contract along the OL.

I would not be surprised to see someone like Ben Powers get cut next offseason to free up some space, and extending Garett Bolles can actually save the Broncos some cap as well.