Broncos drafting Bo Nix's teammate proves team is all-in on the rookie QB already

The Denver Broncos drafted Bo Nix's teammate, Troy Franklin, in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft.
Oregon v Utah
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When the Denver Broncos traded up in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, everyone seemed to think it was for Troy Franklin, and it was. The selection of Franklin proves that the team is already all-in on Bo Nix. Is it even possible for a team to be all-in on a rookie QB? Well, when you consider that Nix was the third-ranked QB on the Broncos own board, the answer is yes.

The Broncos got their hopeful quarterback of the future with their 12th overall pick, and about ninety picks later, in a trade up at the top of the fourth round, they took Nix's college teammate, WR Troy Franklin. It's a wholesome reunion in the NFL for Nix and Franklin, and the best part is, Franklin was a consensus top-50 player, yet the Broncos got him at pick 102.

Not only is it a great selection to bring in someone who your rookie QB is already familiar with, but the value that Denver gets with Troy Franklin is just absurd. Well, what kind of player is Troy Franklin? Here is his draft profile from Lance Zierlein of

"The puzzle pieces are fairly easy to put together when assessing who Franklin is and who he could be in the NFL. He’s a tall, linear receiver with good speed. He’s sudden enough to beat press but lacks the play strength to win combat catches and fight for operating space underneath. He has an innate talent for avoiding traffic and maintaining his distance from pursuit after the catch on crossing routes on all three levels. Franklin might not get WR1 target volume, but he should be productive with a high yards-per-catch average and the ability to open things up underneath for his teammates. Franklin could become a coveted complementary piece for an established WR1 or a productive vertical target for a team looking for instant help in the passing game."

Lance Zierlein

Franklin is a field-stretcher, and if used properly, he's got to be able to, as Zierlein notes, free up some space underneath for easy completions. For Nix, that's what he did at Oregon; he took what the defense gave to him, and adding Franklin only helps Nix's chances in the NFL. Not only that, but it signals that Denver is all-in on their rookie QB.

They surely did a ton of homework on Nix and felt confident enough to take him with pick 12. There is no way that he won't start Week 1 of the 2024 NFL Season unless something major happens, and with the current personnel situation on offense, Nix may already have no excuses going into his rookie season.