Broncos drafting Bo Nix cements status as playoff contenders in 2024

The Denver Broncos are now officially in the "playoff contender" tier.
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The Denver Broncos took Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, and the team has now cemented themselves as playoff contenders in 2024. Nix might not have been the best quarterback prospect, but make no mistake; not only is he an NFL-caliber QB, but his fit with the Denver Broncos is the best fit of any QB who will get taken in the NFL Draft.

Denver took Nix at pick 12, making him the sixth QB taken in the first round. Many people have already hammered the Broncos for the selection, but as we all know, the "draft grades" don't matter at all.

One thing that sticks out about Nix is how he takes care of the football, only having five turnover worthy plays during the 2023 college football season, as year in which he attempted 470 passes.

Secondly, the Broncos had Bo Nix as their third-ranked QB on their own board, according to Ben Allbright. This is a huge deal, as the Broncos own group of professional scouting minds and football minds had Nix that highly ranked. It wasn't the plethora of draft analysts who are hammering the Broncos for the pick, but the team themselves.

Don't you think that if the Denver Broncos had Bo Nix this high, they're confident that he'll succeed? Heck, you could not create a better college prospect for Sean Payton's offense. More respected football minds like Dan Orlovsky, who has literally played QB in the NFL, also has talked about how Nix is a good fit for the Denver Broncos:

At this point, it's hard to find a flaw with Bo Nix being on the Denver Broncos, and given that we'll very likely see Nix operate the offense the way Sean Payton wants to immediately, and as long as the Denver Broncos defense isn't a historically bad mess to begin the 2024 year, the playoffs are in clear view.

Yes, the playoffs. the Broncos went 8-9 last year and started the year 1-5. They scraped together eight wins with a historically bad defense for a six-game stretch and a washed-up QB who could not have been a worse fit in the offense.

Now, the Broncos defense not only isn't going to start as poorly as they did in 2023, but with the offense already in a better spot, how could we not look at this team as genuine contenders?