Broncos disrespected badly in multiple post-Draft NFL Power Rankings

Where do analysts have Denver in their post-Draft power rankings?
Patrick Surtain II
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Following the 2024 NFL Draft, multiple analysts and networks published their respective post-draft power rankings. Teams added players through free agency and the draft, moves that made them better or worse, at least on paper.

These power rankings show how analysts see the teams heading into rookie minicamps. Do not expect Denver to be high on these rankings as they now have a rookie quarterback in Bo Nix, who was selected with the 12th overall pick in the Draft.

With that being said, let's look at where the Broncos are ranked ...

Eric Edholm - 28th

Eric Edholm is one of the lead Draft analysts/writers from, he has the Broncos at 28 in his power rankings, in other words, he has Denver as the fifth-worst team heading at least into minicamps.

Eric mentions the following regarding the Broncos ...

""It always felt like Bo Nix and Sean Payton were going to end up together. Part of that had to do with the fact that the Broncos were hamstrung, both financially and in terms of draft capital. But there’s also a style crossover that makes sense, with Payton known for his screen packages and the timing and rhythm of his system and Nix thriving in a similar environment up at Oregon. Left to his own devices, Nix can get himself in trouble at times. But if he allows Payton to shepherd him -- and deals with all the tough love that comes with that -- Nix might be in the best place to thrive eventually. Jerry Jeudy is gone, and Courtland Sutton’s place with the team isn’t clear, but adding a deep threat (Troy Franklin) to a semi-promising WR room was a smart play, too. I’m kind of interested in seeing how fast and well Nix can grab hold of his opportunity.""

Eric Edholm

The Score Staff: 31st

If Edholm's position rank for Denver is disappointing, The Score's is even worse. Denver is their second-worst team in the NFL, just behind the Carolina Panthers, who finished with the worst win-loss record last season.

Their reasoning is Bo Nix's age, by saying the following ...

""The Broncos are lucky the Falcons exist to take some heat off their QB decision in the draft. Bo Nix is the second-oldest QB ever taken in the first round behind only Brandon Weeden. Let that sentence sink in for a moment, Broncos fans.""

The Score

Connor Orr - Sports Illustrated: 28th

28 looks like a common ranking for the Denver Broncos. In this one, Connor Orr from Sports Illustrated has the Broncos above the Raiders, Titans, Patriots, and Panthers. Denver has a young roster, but with talented players who can compete to make the Playoffs in the upcoming season.

Here's what Orr mentions regarding the Broncos ...

""A team can do the right thing in the draft but still drop in the power rankings, if that makes sense. The Broncos are going to possibly start QB Bo Nix, which I think is great and the right course of action. But Sean Payton is starting over for the first time in a long time. There are going to be some hiccups, especially in a division that continues to get better and a slate of teams that can rush the passer well.""

Connor Orr

At least he has Denver higher than the Raiders. It's only one spot, but it is higher.

Pete Prisco - CBS Sports: 28

Once again, 28 is the number here for the Denver Broncos. Understandably, these guys have Denver low because their new quarterback has not even taken a single snap in the NFL, but once again, the roster has good weapons around Bo, a good offensive line, and an improved defense.

""They took Bo Nix 12th overall to be their quarterback. When does he play? When should he play? It's all about Nix now.""

Pete Prisco

Prisco here has Denver above the following teams: Giants, Patriots, Commanders, and Panthers.

The Broncos are getting a lot of disrespect overall in the power rankings, but they have the right coach and a talented roster to have a similar season as Houston had in 2023.

Keep sleeping on the Broncos. They will prove many wrong.