Broncos disgruntled WR could end up playing with Russell Wilson in 2024

Could this current Denver Broncos wide receiver end up playing with Russell Wilson in 2024?
Denver Broncos
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The biggest move of the NFL Offseason to date has been the Denver Broncos cutting Russell Wilson, but the Broncos might not be done making major moves on offense. The team also sent Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns for a pair of draft picks, and to fill his spot on the roster, they signed veteran WR Josh Reynolds.

With reports everywhere that the Broncos could make a major trade up or a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft, they could do something much smaller but still significant. Recently, news broke that Courtland Sutton did not report to voluntary workouts due to his contract situation, which makes him a free agent after the 2025 NFL Season and also has just $2 million in guarantees left on the deal.

Sutton had 10 TD catches in 2023, and was making circus catches just about every week. It's reasonable for Sutton to be unhappy with his current contract, but the Denver Broncos should not be the ones who give it to him. Denver has turned the page with a few veterans already, and ESPN's Jeremy Fowler thinks the Pittsburgh Steelers could have strong interest in trading for Sutton:

"“Denver has received several trade calls on him,” Fowler writes. “Pittsburgh could be a team to watch here.”"

Jeremy Fowler / Jarrett Bailey

Pittsburgh does have a need for another wide receiver, and Sutton could make a ton of sense. In 2023, Russell Wilson and Courtland Sutton seemed to have insane chemistry, and Wilson's ability to still throw the deep ball was factoring into Sutton's success. It'd be a win/win for both sides, especially if the Denver Broncos could swindle a third-round pick from the Steelers. Pittsburgh holds the 98th overall pick.

Getting pick 98 from the Steelers for Sutton would be awesome value. The Denver Broncos would then have picks 12, 76, and 98. They'd have three picks in the top-100 and this does not even consider the possibility of Denver even trading down from pick 12. With how deep the 2024 NFL Draft is at wide receiver, the Broncos should strongly entertain a trade of Courtland Sutton.