Broncos defense tortured Bills offense so much that they fired their OC

The Denver Broncos defense is on FIRE!

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday Night Football, the Denver Broncos defense mostly had its way with the Buffalo Bills offense, and as a result, the Bills fired their offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey. Honestly, I think this is a bit of an overreaction, and it feels like the Bills did this because their fanbase and media were perhaps calling for it.

But what is kind of neat is that the Denver Broncos defense really took it to the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen threw two interceptions in the first half, and one of which was just a horrid decision by the turnover-prone QB. Fabian Moreau caught the second pick from Allen. Check it out here:

Through their first 10 games, the Buffalo Bills have the 8th-best scoring offense in the NFL, putting up a hearty 26.2 points per game. Furthermore, the Bills rank 5th in passing yards and 11th in rushing yards. The Bills offense is really, really good. I think most of what influenced this decision is the team scapegoating someone who isn't named Josh Allen.

Josh Allen is the problem with the Buffalo Bills. Allen has thrown a league-high 11 interceptions and has the most total turnovers in the NFL. He's been largely inefficient this year and seems to make a couple of boneheaded decisions a game. Josh Allen has always been this type of player; in any given week, he can look like a top-flight QB, but during some weeks, he looks like a third-stringer.

That's who Josh Allen is. He's got the biggest variance in play of any QB in the NFL, and the Buffalo Bills are now 5-5 thanks to a brutal loss to the Denver Broncos. Josh Allen isn't the only issue with the team, though. The team is pretty poorly-coached overall, and that was evident during the 4th quarter. Not only did the the defense get called for a brutal pass interference that set the Broncos up for the game-winning field goal, but they had too many men on the field during that attempt, which Will Lutz missed.

They gifted the Broncos another FG attempt, and Lutz drilled it. Honestly, their head coach, Sean McDermott, is the most at fault here, but making a reactionary move like this after two-straight losses makes sense.

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