Broncos Country should be actively rooting against the New York Jets

There's a new enemy in Broncos Country in 2023...
Denver Broncos
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The New York Jets seemed to pull off what the Denver Broncos had tried to do recently in acquiring Aaron Rodgers with the help of Nathaniel Hackett. I am going to gatekeep here. I do not care what allegiances you may have to the Jets; if it's a family thing or otherwise, if you are a Denver Broncos fan, under no circumstances should you be pulling for the New York Jets this year.

Over the past few offseasons, the Denver Broncos seemed to make a huge effort to acquire future Hall of Fame QB, Aaron Rodgers, who began to be frustrated with the Green Bay Packers after they took QB Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft. This started a years-long feud between the Packers and Rodgers, and there were multiple times over the recent past when it seemed pretty likely that Aaron Rodgers would end up in the orange and blue.

This seemed to peak when the team introduced Nathaniel Hackett as head coach over a year ago. Many tied the hiring of Hackett to the eventual acquisition of Rodgers, who has spoken very highly of Hackett as a coach and as a person. Well, once it was a done deal that Rodgers was not going anywhere for the 2022 season, the team pivoted to Russell Wilson, which wasn't exactly a bad "second place" reward at the time.

I think it's clear though, that Hackett was expecting Aaron Rodgers to land in Denver, and when that didn't happen, I think things got hectic on offense. The Broncos had no offensive identity to speak of in 2022. It seemed like they were loading up Madden, picking some plays, and trying to run them in the real games.

While Hackett was clearly a good person, he proved to be an abysmal head coach. It was so bad that the Broncos fired him before he finished his first season, which had rarely happened in the history of the NFL before Hackett's firing. Then, Hackett latched on with the New York Jets this offseason as their offensive coordinator and primary play-caller. With the Jets being in a similar QB situation that the Broncos were in, people started connecting the dots, and it worked for New York.

They likely had a vision of a Hackett/Rodgers combination, and they got it. Sure, Rodgers is pushing 40, so it's not like they found a five-year solution at QB, but man, the Hackett/Rodgers combination was what the Broncos were supposed to have. Rodgers is a better QB than Wilson is, and there's strong reason to believe that the Broncos' offense would have been at least competent in 2022 with Rodgers under center.


Well, the two men have reunited in New York, and I cannot begin to describe how much Broncos Country should be rooting against this team. We should all hope that they go 0-17 and Sauce Gardner gets torched every game. Some of us may be silently paying attention to the Jets this year since there are some connections between them and the Denver Broncos.

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