3 most untouchable players on the Denver Broncos roster

- Starting left tackle

- Superstar corner

- The QB?...

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Do the Denver Broncos even have any untouchable players on their roster? Let's break down a few players who may fit into that category. I do think every team in the NFL has at least a small handful of untouchable players. Obviously, the quarterbacks would be the most untouchable, untradeable, or whatever adjective you want to use.

The Denver Broncos do not currently have an untouchable quarterback, but Russell Wilson can reverse that with a bounce-back 2023 season. Honestly, Denver doesn't have a ton of elite players, but what I do observe on their roster is a good bit of solid, above-average players. I do think Denver has one of the better rosters in the AFC, and with Sean Payton at head coach, they might have one of the best overall situations in the conference.

If we take a close look at the roster, can we identify any players on the roster that should be considered untouchable? Do the Broncos have any who fit that category?

Who are the most untouchable players on the Denver Broncos' roster?

1. Patrick Surtain II, CB

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN ran a poll among NFL executives, coaches, and scouts on the best cornerback in the NFL, and Patrick Surtain II was rated as #1, not Ahmad Gardner of the New York Jets. Have a true lockdown cornerback is essential in today's NFL, as the league is very pass-happy, so having someone who can effectively limit offenses to half the field is huge.

Surtain was stellar as a rookie, but was even better in year two, earning an All-Pro award. What's crazy is that he did this as a 22-year-old. Surtain is surely set to sign a massive contract extension next offseason that'll likely make him the highest paid defensive back in the history of the NFL, and it'll be much deserved.

The Denver Broncos are lucky to have Surtain on their roster.