Broncos could get a bizarre rematch in the 2023 playoffs

Could we see a rematch between the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins?

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos' 70-20 loss against the Miami Dolphins earlier this season is, unfortunately, seared in all of our brains. It's something you'd like to forget as quickly as possible, and yet it's a memory that's not going anywhere anytime soon. With the way the Denver Broncos have been playing over the last six weeks, it actually serves as a great landmark for this team, where they were at one point, and how far they've truly come.

I mean, think about it...The Broncos gave up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins, and over the last six games, they are averaging 16.5 points allowed per game. That type of in-season turnaround is unheard of, and it speaks to the consistency with which the Broncos have discovered over the last month and a half.

And what's really insane is that the Broncos have put themselves in a position to potentially make the playoffs. Not only could they make the playoffs, but the Broncos are still very much within striking distance of the top Wild Card spot (5th seed) and if the Chiefs lose a couple of games, they're also not out of the AFC West race.

But let's say, for the moment, that the Denver Broncos aren't going to win the AFC West and the best they can do is the 5th seed. That's very much within reach, and if they earn the 5th seed, they would potentially have a first-round matchup against none other than...the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are currently the 4th seed in the AFC, and if the division leaders hold up as they are currently aligned, that would be the team's Wild Card playoff game potentially.

A rematch between the Broncos and Dolphins would be one of the wildest stories of an already crazy NFL season. Can you imagine?

I posted this idea on Twitter, and a vast majority of Denver Broncos fans were surprisingly all about it. You might think a fan base, even one starved for a playoff appearance, would be a little more hesitant about traveling to a place where you lost by 50 points earlier this season, but the Broncos are not the same team that lost to Miami earlier in the year. This team is playing some great football, and the fan base has a newfound confidence after the Broncos got wins over the Packers, Chiefs, Bills, Vikings, and Browns in consecutive weeks.

Depending on what happens in Week 13, the Broncos could jump significantly in the AFC standings. As of right now, they are 8th in the AFC, just outside of that final Wild Card spot. But they are not separated by much with teams ahead of them like the 7-4 Steelers, 7-4 Browns, and 6-5 Colts.

Unfortunately, neither is their opponent this weekend -- the Houston Texans.

Although so much can happen in the final six weeks of the season, you can't help but be fascinated by the potential that the Broncos could return to the playoffs, only to see the Miami Dolphins again. A chance at "revenge" in a way, or maybe just a shot at redemption. The Dolphins embarrassed the Broncos and this fan base in Broncos Country more than pretty much any other team has done. Even the Chiefs' 16-game winning streak over the Broncos felt less embarrassing than getting 70 points scored on you in one game.


Considering the way things went down the last time these two teams played, to get a matchup against Miami in the playoffs would be something not even an NFL script writer could have come up with.

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