Broncos could be taking same path their neighboring Nuggets took a few years ago

Why Bo Nix might not of been the hero some wanted but definitely the hero we needed.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Nikola Jokic and Bo Nix got to their teams in a much different fashion. One was picked in the front half of the first round of the draft while the other was one of the last players selected in the second round of theirs. However, both players appear to be outside the norm for what the leagues call "build around stars" for the way they play the game. 

For years the Nuggets star was constantly overlooked because of his play style. It wasn't flashy nor was he flying all over the court with highlight reel plays. But, he was exactly the type of player Denver needed. Calvin Booth realized that surrounding Jokic with defensive players who could knock down open shots was their key to success. It eventually in 2023 led to a championship where Jokic earned the finals MVP. You're probably wondering how this compares to Nix. Let me tell you.

Nix fits a similar mold to what Jokic does in the NBA. He's not a high-profile player whose kids will line up for their next shoe release. He isn't dancing all over the field throwing sidearm passes for touchdowns. He isn't breaking away for 50-yard gains on the ground. But, what he does do is manage the game from a cerebral level by picking apart defenses one by one. Death by a thousand cuts if you will.

As Jokic sets his teammates up for success, that's what Nix will do in Denver with the help of Sean Payton. Payton's offenses are about moving the ball consistently through the air or on the ground. It's a coordinated attack that keeps the defense guessing. Funny, this is what the Nuggets' offense is. When the defense hones in on Jokic, there's always someone open. 

Furthermore, Payton has been known to design plays that put his play makers in the best position to succeed. Whether that's in the screen game, over the middle, or outside the numbers via positional leverage balls for the receiver to catch. Similar to that, Jokic is constantly generating scoring plays through his passing ability and a keen eye for being three steps ahead of everyone else. Some coaches and players win by their pure athletic ability whereas others win by outsmarting their opponent. Selecting a guy like Nix who processes these tactics at the line of scrimmage is exactly what the Broncos' offense lacked this past season.

It won't stop there though. Sean Payton has gone out and added to his receiving room, running room, and his offensive line. Adding players like Franklin who he's already familiar with and keeping proven veterans Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton on the team are savvy moves for a young quarterback. Building up the war chest of weapons for Nix will ultimately help him succeed as he grows and develops in the NFL.