Broncos catching strays from Minnesota fans after Nuggets playoff failure

The flexing being done by Vikings fans has gone too far
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / C. Morgan Engel/GettyImages

The Denver Nuggets lost their Game 7 matchup in the NBA Western Conference Semifinals against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Minnesota fan base had Broncos Country catching strays after the game. Apparently, it wasn't enough for the Timberwolves to advance to the Western Conference Finals since 2004. Their fan base took this win as an opportunity to flex the fact that their Vikings were able to secure quarterback JJ McCarthy in the 2024 NFL Draft.

This is not the first time Thor Nystrom -- an NFL Draft and college football analyst for Fantasy Pros -- has done his best to get under the skin of Denver Broncos fans in the 2024 offseason. In fact, it wasn't even that long ago that we were talking about something he said on Twitter/X. There was an instance not long ago where Vikings fans couldn't believe it was possible that Sean Payton and the Broncos wanted Bo Nix and not JJ McCarthy, but that final proof came to light.

Thor and other members of the Vikings fan base have been having a lot of fun at the expense of Sean Payton and the Broncos because they feel as though they dodged a bullet by trading up a spot and securing JJ McCarthy. To Vikings fans, there was apparently this giant pre-draft chasm between McCarthy and Bo Nix in terms of their talent or NFL translatability, which is pretty hilarious to think about.

So this post by Thor is a riff on that. He and many others in the Vikings fan base believe that Sean Payton was trying to cover up for the fact that he wanted McCarthy after the draft by emphasizing how much he wanted Bo Nix.

Sean Payton just wanted Bo Nix, man.

The fact that Broncos fans got dragged while the Nuggets got beat is hysterical. It's typical behavior of a fan base that doesn't know what it feels like to win. So while Thor and many others commenting on his post are saying they "actually feel bad" for "stealing" JJ McCarthy and the series from the Denver Nuggets, the only feeling bad that's happening is feeling bad for a group of fans flexing for absolutely no reason.

Hopefully, Timberwolves fans are enjoying the series win against the Nuggets, but that organization has won literally nothing, ever. And I'm not a Nuggets fan, so I was actually rooting for the T-Wolves during this series. But the Nuggets are the reigning NBA champions, at least for a little while longer. The Minnesota Vikings are one of 12 NFL teams who have never won a Super Bowl. The best shot the Vikings ever had at winning a Super Bowl was spoiled by the Atlanta Falcons back in the 1998-99 season and the Broncos ended up winning that Super Bowl easily.

Not only have the Broncos historically won more than the Vikings, but they beat the Vikings in the most recent matchup between these two teams.

At the end of the day, "it ain't that serious" as they say. But the flexing from Minnesota fans with Broncos fans catching strays after the Nuggets loss is over the top.