Broncos brass dropped the ball not signing these three players in 2024

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The Denver Broncos had themselves an active offseason in 2024. As OTAs are now behind us and the team prepares for training camp, the Broncos roster has come into a full picture. While moves here and there are still possible, their roster for the most part appears set. With that being said, it is fair to look at the Broncos' roster on paper and see some moves that were not made.

George Paton and Sean Payton missed out on a few moves this spring, and these three stick out the most.

1) C Lloyd Cushenberry

New Team: Titans

The Broncos had a great chance to keep homegrown, top-tier talent in-house...and did not. The Broncos let center Lloyd Cushenberry walk in free agency, signing a large new deal with the Tennessee Titans to be the central protector for young starter Will Levis. Cushenberry was a 3rd round selection by the Broncos in 2020 out of LSU and was a four-year starter for the team. The center is still only 26, and will likely be the new franchise offensive lineman for the Titans.

Ultimately, there is no bigger key to success for a professional sports team than retaining your own home-grown talent. One of the bigger issues facing the Broncos was that they were unable to develop legitimate starting talent at several positions, and then needed to overpay on the free market for talent that then underperforms their deals, or in some cases, you have instances such as the Russell Wilson trade.

Instead, the Broncos let Cushenberry walk, and will now need to try and develop another homegrown starting center, one they already had in Cushenberry. Good one, George Paton.