Broncos 5 stock up, 3 stock down following season sweep over Chargers

Who's stock is moving up or down this week after a Week 17 divisional victory?

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos have won their first game in three weeks following a whirlwind of drama reports that surfaced during the week amidst the news that head coach Sean Payton was benching quarterback Russell Wilson for backup Jarrett Stidham. While Denver's offense did not produce as well as many had hoped, the unit still moved the ball smoothly and more consistently as opposed to previous weeks under Wilson. The Broncos should have an interesting decision on their hands in 2024 regarding the Week 1 starting quarterback following Stidham's exceptional performance.

Denver Broncos Stock Up following divisional win vs. Los Angeles Chargers:

QB Jarrett Stidham

The Broncos' new starting quarterback stepped up and made plays when needed to Sunday against Los Angeles' defense. Jarrett Stidham completed 20 of his 32 passing attempts for 224 yards and a touchdown in the win. He operated the offensive game plan well, displayed great leadership on the field and the sidelines, made smart decisions, and was even effective with his legs at times. He may not have been the most accurate passer to start the game however, he executed his play calls well and made just enough throws to propel Denver's offense to the victory.

WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey

Wide receiver Lil'Jordan Humphrey brought shades of Broncos legendary receiver Demaryius Thomas on Sunday when he made the highlight of the game. Humphrey caught two passes for 69 yards including a 54-yard touchdown (longest of his career) that showcased some nice juke moves and forced missed tackles. Without his incredible effort on the catch and run for the score, who knows if the Broncos win this game?