Broncos 2024 Schedule: Who are the three easiest QBs Denver gets to tee off on?

The Denver Broncos should have an easier time with these three passers.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Candice Ward/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos schedule in the 2024 NFL Season certainly won't be easy, but they will have some QB matchups that won't present much of a challenge. Yet again, the Denver Broncos are going to have to walk up hill both ways with their schedule, but the team did win eight games last year, so perhaps we should be more encouraged.

Now in a new era with Bo Nix likely taking over as the Week 1 starter, the Broncos might be in line to enjoy a similar season in 2024 that the Houston Texans had in 2023. Well, they can't do that without winning a ton of games, and these three QB matchups for the Broncos in 2024 can help them do that.

1. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers went 2-15 last year, and while QB Bryce Young was far from their primary issue, he wasn't exactly doing himself any favors. Young tossed just 11 touchdowns, threw 10 interceptions, and "earned" a passer rating of 73.7 The Panthers had a disastrous situation on offense, and they cleaned house this offseason.

Their new head coach is Dave Canales and their new GM is Dan Morgan. And if nothing else, GM Dan Morgan has invested a ton of financial resources into the offense, signing two big-time guards and enhancing the WR room. Even though the Panthers do look a lot better on paper, it still might be a worst in progress for the franchise, so while Young could develop, he's still a huge question mark.

2. Gardner Minshew, Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely starting one of Gardner Minshew or Aidan O'Connell in 2023, and with the amount of money they gave to Minshew in free agency, I'd be shocked if he was not the starter. Minshew is in the Teddy Bridgewater tier of being a high-end backup who can be workable in the right situation.

Minshew isn't close to being a franchise passer, and is currently more talented than a few starting QBs. Minshew has thrown 59 touchdowns against 24 interceptions across his career, and his passer rating of 90.2 is fine. Minshew is shifty in the pocket, so that could be the big issue with the Broncos facing him, but he's about the 39th best QB in the NFL.

3. Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers

Haha! We all saw Russell Wilson last year and how inefficient the passing offense was. While Wilson was good statistically, that did not tell the entire story. Wilson was still at his best off-schedule and was quite good in the red-zone and late in games. However, the Denver Broncos did not have an intermediate passing attack and Wilson was simply incapable of working the middle part of the field.

Those two aspects are a must for a functioning NFL offense, and that was with a Hall of Fame mind in Sean Payton calling plays. Now on the Steelers, Russell Wilson's play-caller will be Arthur Smith, which is a huge step down from Payton. Wilson might again put up solid numbers, but the truth is on the film, not on the scoresheet.

He's also going to take a ton of sacks, and the Pittsburgh Steelers OL is not nearly as good as the Broncos OL was in 2023. This could be a bumpy year for the black and gold.