Broncos 2024 schedule: 3 most interesting season-opener possibilities

Russell Wilson's Steelers? Sean Payton's former team? Who should the Broncos face in Week 1?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The opponents the Denver Broncos will face in 2024 are already known, and they will have eight home games along with nine away games. With the schedule release on the near horizon, what would be the most interesting possible season openers?

Besides their AFC West division games, Denver will face the AFC North (probably the best division in today's NFL), the NFC South, plus the Colts, Seahawks, and Jets.

With the opponents set, which team should the Denver Broncos play in Week 1 to open their new season?

1. Pittsburgh Steelers:

The Broncos might open their season on the road since they have one more away game compared to home games, but if they start the season at home, opening the season in your stadium against Russell Wilson is about as "must-see TV" as it gets.

Russell Wilson making his Steelers debut against his former team, the Broncos, debuting their new uniforms in front of their home crowd. It would be an insane way to open the new era of Broncos' football, with Bo Nix hopefully making his first career start. And in primetime, it would be even better.

Sean Payton and 'his' quarterback against Russ and his new team. A dream scenario to open the season.

2. New Orleans Saints:

Before joining the Broncos, Sean Payton left New Orleans and retired from the NFL to join the FOX NFL Sunday broadcast. Since he joined the Broncos, he has not faced his former team.

This season, Denver will travel to New Orleans and face the Saints in Sean Payton's return. As I mentioned before, the Denver Broncos might open their season on the road, and New Orleans is one of their road opponents, so it would make sense for the schedule makers to put the Broncos at Saints matchup for week one.

Sean Payton and his rookie quarterback against his former team. Another possible opponent to start the season for Denver.

3. New York Jets:

If the Broncos open their season on the road and it is not against the New Orleans Saints, the Jets could make sense as their week one opponent.

The Broncos traded for two former Jets this offseason -- Zach Wilson and John Franklin-Myers. The Broncos vs Nathaniel Hackett part two. Denver drafted Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, he might start since week one, but if not, the first few games could be the only ones Zach Wilson starts for the Broncos.

Zach Wilson and John Franklin-Myers making their Broncos debut against his former team would be cool, especially after last year's loss against New York at home.

Still, if the Jets are the week one opponent, and Zach Wilson does not start, it would be cool to see Sean Payton facing the struggling Nathaniel Hackett without Russell Wilson at quarterback.