Broncos 2025 mock draft: Team loads up to capitalize on Bo Nix's rookie deal

Let's mock up a 2025 Denver Broncos draft.
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The Denver Broncos could be in a great position when the 2025 NFL Draft rolls around. In this mock draft, the team loads up around Bo Nix and his rookie deal. The 2024 NFL Draft class hasn't even played a regular season game, but here we are making mock drafts for 2025.

Does draft season truly ever leave us? Probably not. The 2025 NFL Draft for the Denver Broncos could end up being a huge one for the team. If rookie QB Bo Nix shows enough in year one, Denver could embrace an all-in mentality in the 2025 offseason.

This could feature being active in free agency and even being aggressive during the 2025 NFL Draft. It's not too hard to see what roster needs the Broncos may have in 2025. We can safely assume what their own free agent class may look like, and even with all of the roster movement now, the team could still be better at several positions.

Bronco 2025 mock draft: Team loads up to capitalize on Bo Nix's rookie deal

28th Overall Pick (via BUF) - Kenneth Grant, DT, Michigan

The Denver Broncos accepted a huge trade-down offer from the Buffalo Bills, so they'll now pick at the bottom of the first round. Kenneth Grant from Michigan is the team's selection. With DJ Jones set to be a free agent next offseason, and the Broncos still probably needing another body up front, it's no surprise that the team would prioritize the trenches here.

Grant is also from Michigan, so we have to assume that LA Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh would have him on his radar.

36th Overall Pick - Parker Brailsford, OC, Alabama

From Alabama, Parker Brailsford comes from a school that has churned out quality offensive linemen for years. The team did not re-sign former center Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency, and with the possibility that the Broncos OL could look quite different in the coming seasons, it would be wise for the team to invest notable draft capital into this unit.