Bo Nix aced his introductory press conference by setting realistic expectations

Bo Nix was a complete pro during his introduction to the team in Denver. Almost as if he'd been a 10 year veteran already.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Bo Nix was introduced to the Denver media this past week and he absolutely nailed it. He kept expectations in check, answered the questions with respect, and handled the pressure with ease. You truly get a feel from Nix that his maturity is beyond his years.

Continuing with leadership, Nix answered his questions with "yes sir" or "no sir" which will ultimately go a long way. He was also raw and realistic when giving his responses. Having a person up there that the media and fans can relate to on a personal level is something we haven't had for a couple of years now. He kept his answers on task, which, Payton probably sees as an additional trait of keeping the eventual game plan on task too.

When asked about adversity, he said the goal is to go out there and win every week but knowing how reality works, that isn't going to happen. He reminded the media that keeping his confidence and not losing his faith is what will keep him on the right track and competing at the highest level.

He also spoke about competing against his fellow teammates and pushing one another to get the absolute best production possible. He seemed to have an understanding that coming in here with all his Oregon accolades wasn't going to guarantee his starting spot without the necessary work. All in all, it was just refreshing to see a young man handle the questions with a down-to-earth realistic approach.

But, the biggest thing that absolutely rang home with me was his realistic outlook. He didn't come in promising Super Bowls right out of the gate. This was important. It's often easy to come in and promise the best possible outcomes but when you do that very early on and then you don't deliver, that ultimately comes back on you in a negative way. It's not that it isn't the goal, but being realistic is what makes someone like Dan Campbell so well-liked and respected. While saying some things that might come off as odd, just being a human is what most will come to appreciate through the good and bad times.

On that note, eventually, Nix will hit a rough patch as all rookies do and we will see how he handles more difficult questions. But for the time being, he nailed the introductory. He treated the media with respect, gave full-thought-out answers to each question, and ultimately gave off an authentic presence that truly seemed to set the tone for the entire room. Nix appears ready to take this opportunity and run with it from the outside looking in.