Bleacher Report proposes interesting trade involving Broncos stud wide receiver

I don't think this is the worst idea.
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos do have some excess at wide receiver. Could they send one of them to an NFC foe? Bleacher Report proposed several deals that they'd like to see happen, and the Broncos do have a player in WR Courtland Sutton who doesn't seem to be too happy with his current situation. Sutton has been absent from the offseason programs thus far.

He's got just $2 million guaranteed left on his deal and does have an argument for a fresh contract extension. He's coming off a 10-touchdown season in 2023 and is the Broncos' best WR by a considerable margin. However, given that the Broncos have gotten Tim Patrick back, signed Josh Reynolds, and drafted Troy Franklin, there is also an argument to move on from Sutton.

Could the Broncos send Courtland Sutton to the Philadelphia Eagles?

"Denver is probably a year or two away from being a legitimate playoff contender. It would make sense to acquire draft picks for an aging player who wants a new contract, especially since the trade rumors will only intensify if the Broncos stumble out of the gates.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles have the fifth-most cap space available in the NFL right now at roughly $26.8 million. Also, free-agent signee DeVante Parker surprisingly retired in mid-May, and Parker was likely going to be the Eagles' jump-ball specialist this season.

Sutton could fill that role and create a dangerous trio of wideouts with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith as Philadelphia attempts to make another Super Bowl run."

Matt Holder

The argument from Matt Holder of Bleacher Report does make some sense. The Eagles are in a much more urgent, win-now situation than the Broncos are, so there's one big reason to make the move. One of their free agent signings, WR DeVante Parker, retired this offseason. It's one of the rare instances that a player signs with a team only to retire a bit later.

Philly is now without a player they were going to rely on for at least 2024. Sutton brings more juice to the offense for Philly, but the one thing I think can get in the way of this deal being made is Philly having just paid two of their own wide receivers. Both AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith got huge new deals. Would the Eagles really pay three wide receivers?

It's worth asking, but if the price is right for both sides, the Denver Broncos could and should make this deal.