Bet365 Colorado Promo Means You Get $365 Just For Betting $1, Even if Broncos Lose By 50

Whether we bounce back against the Bears or not, you get your full $365 bonus either way — just for betting $1!
Bet365 Colorado promo offers a guaranteed $365 payout for Broncos fans in Week 4.
Bet365 Colorado promo offers a guaranteed $365 payout for Broncos fans in Week 4. /

There are 50 reasons you probably don't feel good about backing the Denver Broncos right now. But how about I top that with $365 reasons you should?

With the biggest multiplier in the industry, Bet365 will award Colorado bettors a GUARANTEED $365 bonus just for putting $1 on the Broncos this week.

Here are the simple steps to claiming the offer.

Bet365 Colorado Promo: Broncos Week 4 Offer

The only catch to the Bet365 Colorado promo is that you need to deposit $10 or more, even though that first bet only needs to be for $1. Signing up through exclusive Predominantly Orange link will ensure the rest of the process for unlocking the bonus is automatic.

  1. Sign up through our exclusive link
  2. Deposit $10 or more
  3. Place a $1 wager on the Broncos

That's all you need to do. Once the game ends, you'll automatically get that full $365 bonus payout, whether your bet wins or loses. You can wager more than $1 too, if you want to get more action on the game, and you'll keep any cash winnings like usual in addition to the bonus.

Best Broncos Bet to Claim the Bet365 CO Promo

Just because it doesn't matter whether your bet wins or loses doesn't mean you're trying to make a losing bet, of course. So let's see what the experts have to say about this week's game against the Bears, shall we?

First off, it was nice to see Denver open as the favorite even after last week's debacle. There's a chance to save face here.

Analyst Peter Dewey doesn't necessarily think the Bears pull off the upset, but he does like them to keep it close. He’s not sold on either team (fair enough), but the Broncos’ shaky pass defense is enough to convince him that Justin Fields will do enough to at least avoid a blowout.

So if you want to tail the expert, the Bears on the point spread. If you want to go with your heart? Well then you're probably backing the Broncos.

Either way, do it in a way that gets you a $365 bonus.

This offer isn't going to be around forever. Recently Bet365's offer has usually just been a $200 bonus, so you're risking losing out on over $150 if you wait too long here. Sign up now to unlock the full bonus for Week 4!

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.