Assessing the Denver Broncos offensive line depth chart ahead of NFL Draft

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The Denver Broncos heavily addressed their offensive line in free agency, but how does their depth chart look ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft? I think the Broncos have a legitimate chance to field one of the league's best offensive lines in the NFL in 2023.

They reworked their offensive line in free agency by signing two linemen to big-money deals. Left guard Ben Powers got a four year deal worth over $50 million and right tackle Mike McGlinchey got a five year deal worth over $85 million.

However, the team still does have a noticeable hole at the center spot, with Lloyd Cushenberry projected to be the starter. Depending on who you talk to, Garett Bolles is also someone who could be replaced, depending on who you talk to.

Let's take a look at the Broncos' offensive line depth as we head into the 2023 NFL Draft:

Denver Broncos offensive line depth

Projecting starting five:
Left tackle: Garett Bolles
Left guard: Ben Powers:
Center: Lloyd Cushenberry
Right guard: Quinn Meinerz
Right tackle: Mike McGlinchey

From left to right, this is a rock solid unit. Outside of Cushenberry, who's struggled thus far in the NFL, the Broncos do have four solid players along this front. The only change I'd realistically see happening is a different face at center to begin 2023. I just have a hard time believing that the Broncos will go forward with Cushenberry as a starter.

Ideally, he proves his doubters wrong and turn into a competent player. So, what's the depth behind this unit look like? Well, since Denver can have up to 90 players, there are quite a few who are projected as depth pieces.

Broncos' depth pieces along the offensive line:
Left tackle: Christian DiLauro, Casey Tucker
Left guard: Quinn Bailey, Will Sherman, Parker Ferguson
Center: Luke Wattenberg, Kyle Fuller
RG: None
Right tackle: Isaiah Prince, Hunter Thedford

So, last year, the Denver Broncos' carried nine offensive linemen on their initial roster, which is what I'd expect them to do again. Even though the Broncos' offensive line wasn't good in 2022, they did have some nice pieces that would be perfect as depth players in 2023.

Guys like Billy Turner and Cameron Fleming, who were on the Broncos' week one roster, would be sensational depth guys to have back on the club. They both got starting action last year and are not exactly above average, but serving in a spot starter role is what they could excel it.

Looking at who Denver has as their depth pieces right now, and I'm not so sure they have those kind of players. Quinn Bailey and Luke Wattenberg didn't play well in their limited action in 2022, but Broncos' new center signing Kyle Fuller might be someone who can serve as quality depth.

Isaiah Prince was a 2019 6th round draft pick who has only appeared in 19 games for the Dolphins and Bengals in the 2019 and 2021 seasons. Will Sherman has played in one game in the NFL back in the 2021 season. Hunter Thedford is 6'6", 260lbs, and has never played in an NFL game before.

Casey Tucker has appeared in one career NFL game. Christian DiLauro was in uniform for the Broncos in three games in 2022, and it doesn't look like Parker Ferguson has appeared in an NFL game before.

So, yeah. The current depth has little to no experience in NFL games and outside of Fuller, and maybe Quinn Bailey and Luke Wattenberg, this unit needs some fresh blood.

Denver clearly has a need with a swing tackle spot, and Cameron Fleming returning would be a smart move. They also could use a potential starting center that they may find in the 2023 NFL Draft, and I think scouring the free agent market for some higher quality interior players is a smart idea.

Honestly, outside of Kyle Fuller, I think we have a new batch of offensive linemen as the primary backups for 2023.

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