Assessing Broncos' chances to win AFC West, can they actually pull it off?

Suddenly, the Denver Broncos are well within striking distance of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
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Current State of the Chiefs

Perhaps the key aspect of how we see this race in the final month of the season is what we saw at the end of the Chiefs-Bills game on Sunday. The Chiefs were able to complete an incredible, likely game-winning play, only to have it wiped out by an offensive offsides penalty.

This caused Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to have a meltdown in a scene that was unlike anything we have seen from him before. Though most are raking Mahomes over the coals for this, it is going to be a defining moment in this season for the Chiefs.

It will either be something that lights a collective fire within the team, something it can rally around and use as a motivator or it is going to be an incident that completely sinks the club for this season and causes any aspirations for the Super Bowl to go up in smoke.

It is clear that this Chiefs team is not the one we have become used to. That is mostly to do with the fact that Mahomes can't seem to get a single bit of good play out of the wide receiver position.

For the Chiefs to succeed this season, they are going to have to do it in ways we haven't seen before. They are more susceptible to defeat than ever before in the Mahomes era and this is something any team can take advantage of right now, even a team like the Raiders.