AFC West Power Rankings after NFL Draft: Broncos higher than you think

Where do the Denver Broncos rank in the AFC West?
Denver Broncos
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

Do I need to explain why the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the AFC West? If nothing else, Denver finally snapped their million-game losing streak against KC during the 2023 NFL Season. However, the Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in five seasons and did get better where they needed it the most - wide receiver.

They signed Hollywood Brown and drafted Xavier Worthy, all while extending Chris Jones and Travis Kelce. The team is again set to be among the top in the NFL, and Patrick Mahomes is still Mahomes. In the Broncos case, them being able to compete with the Chiefs at the top of the AFC still might be years away, but to Denver's benefit, that isn't where they're at at this point in time.

Denver should focus on trying to build with their rookie class, and if they can beat the Chiefs in 2024, great! The Broncos are probably looking at 2025 as the true year they can begin to seriously contend, and that's if 2024 goes how they want it to go.

But for now and until proven otherwise, the Chiefs are at the top. In other news, the sky is blue.