AFC West Power Rankings after NFL Draft: Broncos higher than you think

Where do the Denver Broncos rank in the AFC West?
Denver Broncos
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The 2024 NFL Draft is now behind us as teams begin their various offseason activities. Where do the Denver Broncos fall in the AFC West hierarchy? The Denver Broncos have helped their case this offseason. The team has shed some dead roster weight, gotten younger, filled their urgent needs, and most notably drafted a rookie QB.

It's a new era in Broncos Country, and while Bo Nix might not develop, it's good to see the team at least trying to implement this plan. The AFC West still has three other teams that Denver will need to get by if they want to make the postseason for the first time since 2015.

How do the Broncos stack up in the AFC West after the 2024 NFL Draft?

AFC West Power Rankings after NFL Draft: Broncos higher than you think
4. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have had an embarrassing offseason, which has featured hiring a bad, retread general manager, an overhyped head coach, missing out on a QB in the first round, overpaying for Gardner Minshew, and taking a TE with their 13th pick. Truly, what have the Raiders done to warrant being ranked any higher?

With no franchise QB in sight and limited talent on the roster outside of Davante Adams, Maxx Crosby, and Christian Wilkins, Vegas is barreling toward a 4-win season in 2024, which would at least put them in position to take a QB high in the first rund of the 2025 NFL Draft. Vegas has, again, failed to embrace a tangible plan of action, and just kind of throw stuff at the wall and hope that it sticks.