7 free agents the Denver Broncos should sign if the price is right

Sayre Bedinger
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The Denver Broncos have made one big splash after another so far in 2023 NFL free agency. Why not make a few more, right? The common theme among players that we're seeing sign in Denver so far has been a nod to the new ownership group as well as the presence of head coach Sean Payton. It's clear that the Walton-Penner ownership group and Payton are making an impression and making players feel valued.

With that being said, it wouldn't be shocking if the Broncos were still in the market for some more free agents even after signing a bunch of guys already. They might even have some more big splash moves up their sleeves...

What moves -- for the right price -- could we see the Denver Broncos consider even after spending so much money in free agency? Let's take a look at seven.

7 moves the Denver Broncos could still make for the right price

1. CJ Gardner-Johnson, S, Eagles

Although the Denver Broncos don't have as much cap space as the Chicago Bears (who started with almost $100 million) they clearly have enough salary cap space to do whatever they want, within reason. Apparently, the team was trying to sign wide receiver Allen Lazard and made him an aggressive pitch, but no dice. If they were going after Lazard, it stands to reason that they have the means to go after someone like CJ Gardner-Johnson, who might be the best player still available in free agency.

The former New Orleans Saints draft pick was traded to the Eagles last year in a move that most people found to be head-scratching. The Saints barely got anything for Gardner-Johnson and the Eagles got a Pro Bowl season out of him, including a career-best six interceptions.

Reuniting Gardner-Johnson with Sean Payton seems like a reasonable idea in itself, but there are actual teeth to this rumor right now...

It seems that this potential move has been given a nice little shove into the realm of reality after people were speculating based on who Gardner-Johnson was following recently on Instagram.